Friday, July 13, 2007

Can't Trust the Grandparents

Alasdair is proving to be a finicky little kid. It's always two-steps-forward, one-step-back with him. He was beginning to feed well when I last posted, but, mind you, the initial amounts were very small. He was only expected to consume 5-10ml (less than half an oz.) at a time. Which he could do just fine. But when we needed him to graduate to larger amounts he just wasn't having it. He would resist and resist. Mom would have these hour long feeding sessions that just go nowhere and leave everyone frustrated.

So the doc orders a feeding tube (lame). It's basically the same NG tube he had in his nose before, sucking out the green bile from his belly, but this one works in reverse. It's fed through his nose, some milk is poured into a funnel at the top and left to drain right down into his stomach. I wish that we didn't have to employ the tube, it did the trick though. They only used the tube once or twice on overnight feedings Wed. Maybe he just needed to give his stomach a stretch? Subsequent feedings have been going much better. He's nursing about 50-60ml with Jess now and then finishing the last 20 or so that he needs with a bottle.

They have stopped all the nutrition he was getting from his PICC, it's still in place but not being used. If he continues at this rate we may be able to take him home tomorrow! Hizzah!

In other family news, Kelly and I took Michaela on her first sailing trip last night. We just went on a short jaunt around Port Gardner Bay. We had a great time. We grilled some rainbow trout and corn on the on board grill and had a wonderful dinner. Michaela had a chance to man the tiller for a bit and was having great time just clambering all over and around the vessel. It was also a bit of a milestone for Kelly too, he sailed all the way into his slip in the marina (ie, the motor was off)! Single-handedly too, I was up at the bow manning some lines and he did all the tilling and tacking through the marina on his own. Not to shabby.

Meanwhile, Maeve was getting mauled by a dog. I left her with my parents for the evening, they are watching Tracy and Ralph, Steve and Rina's shaggy dachshunds while they are in Japan. Ralph gets over excited around children and he ran right at Maeve, barking up a storm, and scratched her face, right on her eye. Poor thing. She was upset, but not as much as you might expect. It doesn't seem to be bothering now at any rate. Doesn't look pretty though. Poor thing.

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