Sunday, July 15, 2007


Alasdair's ordeal is finally coming to a close. He is eating well, eating regularly and gaining weight. He's even decided it's time to join the fight against AIDS.

Just before the girls and I arrived for a visit yesterday he had his PICC line removed. At this point he is not hooked up to or tethered by any machines or sensors or anything. Finally.

Jess is coming home here in a little bit after a late feeding, leaving AH in the care of the nursing staff for the night. She's going to get Michaela and Maeve off to a sitter in the morning (Thanks Tina!) while I head to work again. Then she'll head back down to Children's and begin muddling through the extensive discharge procedures and bidding them farewell. Ideally we never have reason to set foot there again. The whole family should be together at home again when I return tomorrow evening.

Thank you again, everyone, for all your support during this. It has been a very trying three weeks but it's also been tremendous receiving all the love, support and offers of help that have flooded in.

There are a bunch more pictures on the web album.


cguthrie said...

Denouement = correct spelling
I had to look it up because I didn't know the meaning.
What do you expect , it comes from French!

TheGuth said...

Thanks for correcting my mistake there Dad. I guess you needed a little redemption after not faring so well in the last post. ;D