Saturday, July 7, 2007

Scooby what?

So they put a band aid on Alasdair's bottom. Right there between the cheeks. It's Scooby Doo. There's so many ways that's funny.

I just had way too many choices for this post's title - I don't even think I chose the best one. If you can come with something better, add it to the comments. I was trying to work in Scoob's little brown nephew, Scrappy, but couldn't come with anything really, uh, juicy.

- Sorry, Alasdair, I don't mean to be having so much fun at your expense.

I'm not really sure what the point of the band aid is. I mean, he's wearing a diaper which is kind of like a giant band aid anyhow. Shouldn't it absorb anything coming out better than the bandage would?

Recovery continues slowly. After yesterday's dramatic post his condition continued to improve. He didn't want to move much, rather he preferred to rest. But his color was better and he was sleeping peacefully most of the time. His heart rate was also staying much closer to his normal 160bpm or so too.

Jess is staying with him now, and today they attempted to feed him some Pedialyte orally. For the uninitiated and the non-parents, Pedialyte is essentially baby-gatorade. Alasdair was not interested though, he rejected it outright. Now that they have removed the NG tube from his nose he's also been vomiting up a little of that green gunk again. Looks like his bowels have a bit more healing to do yet.

The plan though, is to get to down some Pedialyte and show that he can handle that. Once that hurdle is crossed they'll start him on milk and then he can hopefully begin feeding quite normally soon thereafter. We'll try again with the Pedialyte tomorrow and see how it goes. His stomach is growling and gurgling, it certainly anxious to get started, it's just the mixup further downstairs that needs to catch up. Also, if his incision still looks good tomorrow they will pull him from his antibiotic regimen and yank his catheter.

He pooped again today too!

I took the girls to the petting zoo at Forest Park today. Michaela needs to get out here more, she didn't correctly identify any of the animals except the rabbits. She thought the goats were cows, or dogs. She thought the cows were goats, or pigs. She thought the chickens were turkeys. She thought the geese were swans. sheesh, I swear we had all this down pat like, three years ago. And Maeve was terrified of all of them, even the rabbits.


cguthrie said...

Maybe Scooby's there like a traffic cop to reenforce the NPR sign scrawled on his headboard, "police line do not cross!"

TheGuth said...

Ah, could be. So not there to catch against anything exiting, but instead to ward off anything that might be entering.