Monday, July 9, 2007

Flowing Downstream

Alasdair's favorite pastime used to be pacifier sucking. He was getting pretty good at it too. Did it pretty much every waking moment. And if he wasn't sucking he often got upset.

But ever since his surgery he has completely lost interest. He wasn't really interested in much of anything. But that was before the pooping!

He pooped a couple more times yesterday; while I was there visiting in the afternoon he had one really big one. It was loaded with all that green gunk that had been coming up in the wrong direction before. An excellent sign that his plumbing was finally in working order. And Jess reports that last night after I left he was rooting for his pacifier again and happily sucking away. Hizzah! We'll likely be able to try the pedialyte again today with greater success.

He's also awake and content a lot more often; enough that they've reduced his morphine to 5mcg/kg/hr. He's finished with his antibiotics and I think they have removed the last i.v. in his arm. All he has left is his PICC line which will still stay with him for a while. We finally gave him a bath yesterday too; his first since his second day of life back at Providence.

I've included a few pics again here today, and a few more new ones are available on his web album. The first is a pretty good one of the boy in 'quite alert' mode. Happily, something that we're seeing often now. Jess took the next one, a good one of me and Alasdair together.

And the last one is one of the many psychedelic African animals that appear throughout the Giraffe Wing at Children's. This hippo is right outside one of the main entrances. I think it's supposed to look like it's submerged in water but the illusion is totally lost on me. It just looks like it had it's legs amputated. It gives me the willies.

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